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In response to the assault on the rights of women and girls in today’s world, The Kaleta A. Doolin Foundation (KADF) announces a recalibration of our funding priorities and the reframing of our work under a new name: Every Page Foundation.


Every Page Foundation will advance gender equity by prioritizing the health and security of women and girls, as well as their educational opportunities and career development. We will also continue to support strategies that mitigate impacts of climate change and promote the exhibition and publication of feminist arts.


Our vision of a gender-equal world is one in which diverse women and girls are included on “every page.”


Focus Areas

  • Advocating for women and girls
  • Establishing gender equity in the arts and sciences
  • Advancing social and environmental justice

Funding Opportunities

  • Bedrock Grants for continued or on-going work
  • Magma Grants for administering new fellowships
  • Tectonic Grants for new or transformative work